Benefit B-right range.

*Hands up* I’m sorry, I know I said I was blogging about this weeks months back, I have no excuses, I simply just didn’t get round to it!

Anyway, anyone that knows me will know how much I love Benefit, I adore every single product that I own from them. Two of my favourites being ‘They’re Real!’ & ‘Watt’s Up!’. I always change between skin care products and never really found one worth sticking with until I decided to give the Benefit ‘B RIGHT’ Range a go!

It is fantastic. ‘Refined Finish’ & ‘Foamingly Clean’ leave your face well cleansed and clean. ‘Triple Performing Facial Emulsion gives your face a lovely glow and hydrates your skin. ‘Moisture Prep’ gives your face a good base before applying ‘Total Moisture’ & ‘It’s Potent’. I can’t fault this range. It’s done my skin wonders and you can buy it here.

Make up remover. Three words that bring a few adjectives to mind…sore, soaked & substandard. Every remover causes my eyes to sting, I always have to soak a cotton pad as Benefit make up doesn’t shift, which is a good thing of course and it never seems to leave my face feeling cleansed and clean. However, after trying the Six Piece Range, I decided to give ‘Remove It’ a try, needless to say I won’t be using anything else, ever again. It doesn’t burn your eyes, you don’t need much at all and…IT WORKS!


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December favourites

December is always quite unpredictable, along with most months in London. However my essentials stay the same as although it may not snow, we know it’s going to be pretty cold, so I’ve put together some of my favourite things I like to use during the winter months.

When I was in Oxford Circus i had a brief look in Topshop, I say brief because the majority of the store was scarves, hats or make up, none of which I needed but as I was leaving this fauxfur cape caught my attention. It was love at first sight.


IMG_7677.JPGCape – Topshop
Cami – Asos

Lush has to be top of my relaxation must haves, when I’m relapsing I love to use their calming bath bombs to ease pain and relax my mind. I always stock up on a range of their products during the Winter months.
Lush Bath Bombs – Think Pink & Cinders
Lip Scrub – Bubblegum
Massage Bar (not pictured) – Strawberry Feels Forever
I couldn’t do a Winter Favourites post without mentioning Nail Varnish. Last year I got the Ciaté advent calendar and I absolutely loved it, so this year I couldn’t wait for it to be released again. I also bought a trio of bottles, which I think are perfect for Winter as they’re neutrals and can easily be jazzed up for those winter evenings out. My favourite glitter by Ciaté has got to be Snowglobe!

Ciaté Mini Mani Manor – £49
Wooden Letter – Nkuku (Selfridges

Ciaté Milk & Sugar Trio – £15
Ciate Speed Top Coat – £9
Ciate Snowglobe – £9

Lastly, something not Winter related at all but something totally cute and lovely. A little gift from my parents because I’ve been going through quite a rough time lately. I adore this and it’s the perfect little gift.


Love, Kensa xx

Avacado Face Mask

I find that during winter my skin tends to look a bit dull, who wants to look dull during the Christmas period? So I thought I would share this Face Mask recipe with you. It leaves your skin well moisturised and gives your face a lovely glow.

1/2 of a ripe Avocado
1 and 1/2 teaspoon of honey
1 and a 1/2 teaspoon of Natural Greek Yoghurt. .

1) Cut the Avocado in half and scoop out the flesh. Cut into pieces and mash with a fork.

2) Mix in the Honey and the Yoghurt until smooth and well incorporated.

You’ll have some mixture left over, this will keep well in the fridge for up to 4 days. Just squeeze a few drops of lime, mix well and cling film


The long awaited diagnosis!

You know, when I started blogging I had the intention of doing fashion related posts more than I did health ones however that hasn’t been the case. Although I still shop online 5 out of 7 days I don’t really have the energy to be standing outside in the wind, rain and even hail, posing in new outfits. It’s just not realistic in the slightest. Ok I’m gong off the point, as per! Just quickly, I am still on a gluten free diet, and I love it and it’s done me a lot of good.
So a year or more later I have been finally diagnosed, pretty bitter sweet if you want my opinion. I have been diagnosed with something called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS/ME). This is NOT laziness. It’s far from it.

I have had 19 blood tests in my life time, mostly from the last two years, the final blood test results came back all clear which is such a relief however it lead me to be diagnosed with CFS. Some symptoms include:

• No energy (can’t even whisk cake mix)
•Constant tiredness/difficulty sleeping
•Sensitivity to light, sound & smells
•Lack of concentration
•Aching muscles & joints

There are roughly 40 symptoms, you don’t get them all, thankfully, but you do get many of them, and the ones you do get are horrid and make you feel very, very unwell. At first I would relapse once every two months, now it’s more like every two weeks for a week at a time (which would be why you’ll see an abundance of baking photos uploaded to my Instagram one week and then the next there’s nothing).

I’m trying to not go on and bore you however, as well as letting people know what’s going on with me I also want to help others already diagnosed.

The first thing I was told today after my diagnosis was that there is no cure. This broke my heart because I don’t want to feel this way forever. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. The second thing I was told is that I could try anti depressants…I lost it at this point, let me stress to you, I am not depressed, after I ripped the doctors head off she told me that it wasn’t for depression, it was because it released a hormone called Serotonin, which helps with sleep as obviously fatigue is a main factor in this. I decided against those, I have researched them and I’d rather try other sleep techniques, isn’t counting sheep supposed to work? 😉

After leaving my appointment I was silent, I had no words, none appropriate to type on a blog read by all ages anyway! I had just been diagnosed with something quite nasty yet I was given no help. 250,000 people are diagnosed with CFS a year. This made me realise that I have to do something. I have got to raise awareness and I have got to help others going through what I am. I will fight my hardest to get answers and help and I will get the results I want. I want no one to feel how I felt coming out of my consultation. I’m lucky I have a good support network, my parents, friends & family. Some people will be alone so it’s my duty to be there for them.

So, that’s basically it, I mean there’s a whole load more I could say but I’ll save that for individuals who get in touch with questions or those who want advice. I have to fix myself, I have to experiment on me before I can advise others but I can help from what I know already.

Love, Kensa

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The allergy and free from show

I visited my first event as a blogger this weekend, it was quite exciting to go to an event made for people with an intolerance to gluten (as well as dairy, soya etc) because being a new member of the ‘No gluten club’ I found it refreshing to see a range of products I thought I could never have again made available for people like myself. I’ve become familiar with various brands such as; Udi’s, DS, The Goody Good Stuff & The Warburtons range, as well as the Free from ranges from Sainsburys, Waitrose, M&S, Tesco & Asda. However the Allergy show opened my eyes to various different brands and products, some of which I will show you below.
I’m going to start with my favourite because it’s something I’ve been searching for for over three years! The Goody Good Stuff.

20140706-045621 pm-60981160.jpgYou can buy these in sharing bags 100g bags which I usually get however at the show they had the ‘Kobi’s Party Mix Multi Bag’ This is an 800g bag which contain 32 x 25g bags of a variety of their range (lucky for me they’re my favourite ones!) You can buy their range from Asda or online here. Next, would have to be the Warburton’s range! They do an amazing variety of products made without wheat and gluten.

20140706-050504 pm-61504925.jpg If you’re like me and don’t like having the same thing for lunch everyday then fear not because their ‘Bakehouse thins’ freeze beautifully! Their muffins are also super tasty, even if you’re fine with gluten you should taste these!
Lastly, I’m going to tell you about ‘No.G’. I have been craving a cheesecake for weeks but because the base contains gluten, I had to just remain craving. I stumbled across the No.G stall and the guy must have seen a look of hope desperation (sad I know) in my eyes and before I could speak he thrusted a spoon into my hand. And there it was, a cheesecake!! They’re clever as well because they’re upside down! A gluten free base wouldn’t hold together like a usual base so instead they put the base on top, genius!

20140706-051236 pm-61956665.jpg

20140706-051237 pm-61957092.jpg
I bought a range of things at the show as well as my usual products (see below) but I chose my favourites of the day to show you in this post however please drop me an email or ask below if you would like to find out more about any of the products in the below image or that I’ve mentioned above.

20140706-051444 pm-62084551.jpg
A typical blogger pose featuring my bags of joy!! Aka delicious food!

20140706-051526 pm-62126066.jpg

Love, Kensa x

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A look at my favourite pieces

Before my birthday I went a bit crazy with online shopping. I thought I would do a post based on some of my new favourite items from; Asos, Office, Lavish Alice, Fashion Union, Zara & Monki.

I’m lucky enough to have a walk in wardrobe however when my Dad saw the extent of my clothing orders he took it upon himself to buy me a clothing rail to save me from drowning in my mountain of fabric. It’s pretty handy!

20140630-103254 am-37974599.jpg
I’ve done a range of casual and dressy looks, there isn’t really a theme to my clothes, I tend to just wear whatever I like!

20140630-104444 am-38684411.jpg
Seeing as we are mid way through Wimbledon I thought an all white look was appropriate! You can never go wrong with an all white look, just watch out for melting ice creams!
White Crop – Fashion Union
Mesh shorts – Zara
Bag – Monki

20140630-104727 am-38847763.jpg
I know it’s summer, but come on, I live in London, so buying a jumper in June isn’t entirely crazy! The beads on this crop are slightly annoying, I seem to keep finding black beads everywhere, however there are so many it doesn’t make the jumper look bad!
Jumper – ASOS
Shoes – ASOS

20140630-013449 pm-48889198.jpg
Who doesn’t love a pair of dungarees?! Although being me they always have to have a twist so when I saw these sunflower print beauties I had to have them!! They’re super comfortable too! WIN!!
Dungarees – ASOS
Turtleneck – ASOS
JuJu Jellies – Office
Sunglasses – Raybans

20140630-105952 am-39592679.jpg
I’m one of those girls that has a night out planned for ages but takes ages finding an outfit so I end up having a mad panic a few days before, so when I saw this dress, I snapped it up so I’m well prepared for a summer evening out!
Dress – Lavish Alice

20140630-110356 am-39836838.jpg My last favourite item would have to be this dress, it’s crazy!! I feel like people would be conscious that there were eyes on them! Or maybe that’s just how I would feel! Dress – Zara

20140630-111001 am-40201089.jpg

20140630-111000 am-40200796.jpg
Moving on to shoes, because it’s true, a girl can’t have enough!
From left to right:
JuJu Jellies – Office
Mint boots – ASOS
White flatforms – ASOS

So they’re my recent favourite picks, hopefully in the coming week I’ll get a few of them on for you to see!

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Slim, not starved.

Ok, you know you’re a good blogger when you break the theme of your blog by the third post…what can I say? This is something I think is important, something that I’m pretty fed up of and something that needs to be recognised.

I’m 5ft 2, I weigh 5st 1lb. That gives me a BMI of 13.1 (That .1 so counts when you’re me) For those that haven’t fainted in shock, yes that’s low and I’m the first to admit it’s not good, however…this is out of my hands. I’ve been arguing non stop with doctors since about the age of 14 utelling them I do not have an eating disorder. It wasn’t until the nurse that did my ECG was the Mum of a boy I went to primary school with told my doctor in passing comment that I had always been slim. They soon finally agreed that I don’t have an eating disorder *~HOORAY~*. I think GP’s are quick to diagnose people with eating disorders rather than looking into the matter properly. It needs to stop, so what it takes a bit more time to diagnose the real issue but is that not why you spent 3+ years in uni with your face stuck in a book?

People are quick to point out that I have an eating disorder but I don’t recall them being at the dinner table with me for the past 20 years.

Recently I’ve been undergoing tests galore, I’ve still got more to come. The reason being because I can’t gain/maintain weight and we have to find out why. I’ve been suffering with fatigue, fuzzy head, my hair lost it’s shine, my face lost it’s glow and I lost my some of personality.

I am on a gluten free diet at the moment because it’s believed I could be gluten sensitive and I feel A M A Z I N G. The fact that gluten has GLU at the beginning of the word alone tells me it’s doing nothing other than gluing up my insides. I say I feel amazing, I really do, however it comes with a cost, a big one at that. Two words…’Gluten Withdrawals’. Never in my life have I felt so unwell physically. It’s bittersweet, in my head, I feel motivated, overly happy, full of motivation/drive and positive. My hair is shining like crazy, my face has colour and a glow, my fuzzy head has gone too. However the downside…I did say it comes at a cost and one that can last anything between 2 weeks or 6 months;

Nausea: I have been constantly hungry, but so hungry I feel nauseous, it’s hard to eat when you feel so sick, even my Dad has had to force feed me fruit salad, but I’ve managed to control it now, just.

Fatigue: I have zero energy, I can barely hold my head up or hold a cup of tea some days, that’s pretty scary.

Anxiety: When you give up gluten you lose magnesium which is something that when not being consumed causes neurological issues. It causes stress and obviously stress will make emotions run wild which is very distressing for me and the people around me. It’s important I relax and focus on getting better. It’s strange considering gluten causes anxiety too, so that would explain my disorder.

Insomnia: I’ve been going to bed at 12am and getting up at 4:30/5:00am which is mild, however it’s difficult when you’re body is going through all sorts.

There are times I’ve thought if I closed my eyes I wouldn’t wake up, I’m not being dramatic, that’s genuinely how I feel. I know I’ve made it sound pretty scary however there are ups and downs and the fact I feel so good mentally tells me that once the GW’s have gone there will be no stopping me. I’ve been exercising, when I’m having a good day and I’ve been eating well which definitely helps. I have days I feel on top of the world & I have days I feel horrendous but the good always out does the bad as I know soon I will only have good days. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the constant support, mostly by my parents, my Dad’s research has been outstanding, I wouldn’t have known what was happening to me if he hadn’t researched everything first. My Mum’s advice has been amazing too, she really does know best.

We still don’t know why I can’t maintain or gain weight, going gluten free has helped me greatly but it’s too early to tell if gluten as halted my ability to gain weight hence the further tests, so if anyone out there is in the same boat as me, has the same symptoms or has been through the dreaded gluten withdrawals and would like to know more or like advice or think they could be of help to me, please contact me via:
Instagram & twitter are both -lovekensa.

Thanks for reading!
Love, Kensa x