I know that when people see a drink that looks like this, inevitably it gets numerous eye rolls and gets dismissed. This isn’t gimmick, it’s not for fun, this is 100% natural. No colouring, no additives, just water. So the next question, I guess is ‘Why is it black?‘ It’s black because that’s the result of fulvic minerals being infused with Canadian Spring water.

blk. Is the first ever fulvic-enhanced all natural mineral water.

blk. is rich in alkaline and contains a pH level between 8-9. It also contains some of the most powerful electrolytes in the world. Having a more alkalined diet reduces cravings for stimulants such as sugar, caffeine or alcohol. It also neutralises the pH of saliva which helps prevent tooth decay (my dentist will be thrilled). When your body is in an alkaline state you are less likely to suffer from chronic diseases. Maintaining an alkaline state helps encourage healthy cell turnover, which is key in the prevention of cancer.

When you drink a bottle of ordinary water, 10% of the salt stays in your body unless you exercise to remove it via sweat. blk. has no sodium therefore it can reduce water retention.

blk. contains over 60 trace minerals. They include Boron which helps memory, cognition and concentration. It helps prevent hypertension in times of stress. Magnesium which helps regulate your sleeping pattern. Silicon which is important for your hair, skin and nails. A lack in Silicon can be a cause for skin problems. It also contains Zinc which is vital to many biological functions such has digestion, immune resistance and diabetes control.


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Granola Cups

These are perfect for breakfast or for a snack before exercise. You can top them with whatever you like.

You need:

1cup Rolled Oats

2 1/2tbsp Butter (or coconut oil) Melted (extra for greasing)

1tbsp Chia Seeds

2tbsp Roasted Chopped Hazelnuts

3tbsp Pure Maple Syrup

Cupcake Tray

Makes 4

1) Preheat oven to 180 degrees. 

2) Add all of the ingredients and stir until combined.

3) Add a heaped teaspoon into the tray and push around the sides. It doesn’t have to be too neat! Add a little more for the base if you need to. Repeat this for the next three. 

4) Bake for 10 minutes until golden brown (you may want to check half way through to press the cups down). 

5) Leave to cool and then turn upside down to remove the cups. 

6) Fill with yoghurt, berries, nuts or whatever you like. 


Love, Kensa

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 Is it Coeliac Disease?

So it’s the morning after the night before, you had one too many slices of pizza and you feel rather unwell. A feeling you’ve experienced many times before and brushed aside. Or you’ve had a delicious plate of pasta and then felt queasy but put it down to the bowl of ice cream you had for desert. It’s not a coinsidence when I tell you that common factor here is Gluten. Yes, the ‘G word’, the word people roll their eyes up at because they think you’re just on a fad diet. If you feel unwell when you have a piece of cake, a sandwich or even a bowl of cornflakes, then it’s time you booked an appointment with your doctor.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I was never quite right, I just ignored it, but I wish I hadn’t as it just caused me to end up with ME and a Vitamin D deficiency (which then lead to low bone density). I was bought up with the knowledge that bread made my Dad feel unwell yet he told me he had IBS. A common diagnosis for a condition so easily overlooked back in the day. When I finally decided enough was enough (as by this point my health was just on a downward slope) I cut gluten out of my diet. None of the ‘I’m Gluten Free but that cake looks too good to miss’, that I so often hear. You can’t be half hearted, your health isn’t to be risked. It isn’t easy, when you’ve gone your whole life enjoying croissants for breakfast, the withdrawals don’t make it any easier either, but let me tell you, it is so worth it.

The first test for Coeliac disease is a blood test to check for antibodies, however it is possible to have a negative test and still have Coeliac Disease. If this happens they will need to  perform a gut biopsy. For this to be reliable, you have to introduce gluten back into your diet for six weeks (if you have already cut it out). 

I felt so much better since I made the decision to cut gluten out of my diet. My body was finally able to absorb nutrients. However, my test came back negative, they wanted to do a gut biopsy at first, however we came to an agreement that since cutting gluten out of my diet I showed such improvement that re introducing gluten just to be labeled a coeliac was not important at the present time as my health was too fragile. Therefore I cannot officially be labelled a Coeliac. I am Gluten Sensitive. 

What’s the difference between Coeliac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity?

Coeliac disease is an auto immune disease. The body’s immune system attacks itself when gluten is eaten. This causes damage to the lining of the gut. The body cannot absorb nutrients. 

Gluten sensitivity is when symptoms similar to Coeliac Disease are experienced however there are no associated antibodies and there is no damage to the lining of the gut. The body cannot absorb nutrients. 

The symptoms 

-Stomach pains



-Mouth Ulcers

-Joint pains

-Skin Rash

-Various vitamin deficiencies



-Low immunity 

-Autoimmmune diseases (such as Type 1 diabetes, ME, Thyroid disease, and more) 

-Dental Issues

-Weight loss/Inability to gain weight 

There are more symptoms and their severity depends on the individual. Not everyone experiences the same symtoms which is why it’s harder to diagnose.

If you feel like you can relate to this post, please don’t get upset, stressed or eliminate gluten from your diet without talking to your doctor first. As this will make the gut biopsy (should you need one) invalid. 

If you would like to learn more you can click herehere and here.

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Clean Peanut Butter Cups

Why have a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup that’s full of sugar, salt and whatever else when you can have these, clean, healthy and absolutely amazing Peanut Butter Cups? 

You need: 

-2tbsp Organic, Unsalted Peanut Butter 

-100g Dark Chocolate (70%+)

-1tbsp Coconut Oil (Optional)

-4 Cupcake Cases & Cupcake Tin

*If you want to make this recipe dairy free just substitute the chocolate. 

Makes 4  


1) Melt the chocolate. Put two teaspoons in each case. With a spoon push the chocolate up the side of the case (about 5mm). Put in the fridge for 5 minutes until just set.  


2) Mix the Peanut Butter with the Coconut oil (if using) and put 1 1/2 teaspoons in each case and smooth out.  

 3) Put the cupcake cakes into the cupcake tin and then pour the remaining chocolate over each cup until covered. Place in the fridge until set.    


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Onwards and (positively) upwards

‘You’ve got to take credit for how far you’ve come’.

Was what my Mum said to me on the journey back from seeing my psychologist today. I didn’t really know how to respond because without the support of my parents I don’t believe I could have done this. However, a person can advise, support and suggest but they can’t do the work for you. I think that’s what she meant.

I started seeing my psychologist back in December, although due to the relapse I was forced to postpone most of my appointments until January. As I’ve mentioned, I was at my worst, health wise, from mid November until the very end of December, it was a daily battle and I refused to be on medication or be reffered to hospital, so I quite literally fought for my life.

Today I sat in my usual orange chair whilst I watched my psychologist speedily writing what I was saying onto the whiteboard. We then moved on to what I had done over the past 8 weeks I had been seeing him. I sat there, confused, shocked and a little blown away by the amount of work I had done. He stood there, leaning on the filing cabinet, a proud smile across his face.

I had done it, I had actually won. I’m not stupid enough to think my condition has gone forever, I, like all sufferers have those symptoms that are always there and I fully expect to relapse, but I believe that with the knowledge I have accumulated over the past eight weeks that I can continue working towards cure and prevention.

I’ve spent the past month with my head buried in books or staring at website after website gathering information on what causes symptoms and how to prevent them, how to boost energy, general biology and so on. Of course a month isn’t a long time, but I believe if I keep working at the pace I am going at I should be able to widen my knowledge and prevent further relapses.

I was discharged from seeing my psychologist today. As well as learning from him, he learnt from me and we made a great team. He told me that I’m doing too well to benefit from the service anymore, which was absolutely amazing. However, he was interested in what I was doing regarding my website and we did decide to arrange a date further in the future so that we could discuss how I’m doing with my YOU&M.E mission as well as how I’m doing generally.

From now until April I’ll be moving from my blog to my website which I hope will be beneficial to those who need it, but I’ll still be around for you to contact if you’re in need of some advice. I’ll be including exercise plans, juice plans, pacing advice, help on dealing with anxiety, managing stress, etc if there’s anything you’d like me to include please send me an email.

Thanks for reading,
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To those in need x

Depression isn’t something I know much about, however I do know people that suffer and I have spoken to many sufferers over the length of time I’ve been writing my blog.

Like I’ve said before, unless you’ve read my blog posts you won’t really know what I have been through, only my parents and a couple of others really know, but the first comment people will always make to me after reading my story is ‘How are you so positive?’ People often assume I’d have suffered with depression at some point over the three years of bad health, but, I haven’t. Honest.

I’m here to tell you, that it will get better, I promise. The plan for your life far exceeds the circumstances of today. Sometimes when you’ve suffered with something for so long it kinda feels like part of you, part of your life. That doesn’t mean it’s there to stay and haunt you forever. I’ve bought people out of depression and anxiety just by teaching them different techniques. I have left my details below, if you wish to contact me.

Surround yourself with people you want to be like, who you spend time with is what you become. Cut off the negative social media ties, constantly reading negative comments and tweets, etc will never help you see the better days.

Focus on yourself, not what other people are doing, this is your life and you live it how you choose. You aren’t a let down because you can’t do what someone else can. You’re size, is your size, no one looks like girls in magazines, even the girls in magazines don’t look like that. Your abilities will be other people’s inabilities and vice versa.

Something I find helpful is gratitude. It’s so important, if life’s treating you badly, it’s something that’s hard to understand, but try and be grateful for the little things, your duvet at night, clean water, your eyes, your legs. I understand that when you see no good in the world, just pain and sadness and you possibly don’t even want to be here, that gratitude would be a pointless task, but understand this. You do need to be here, because you are loved, everyone is loved by someone, everyone is important to someone, everyone has a story to tell and everyone has a reason to be on the earth.

‘Love & kindness can move mountains. Learn to give without any reason. Today, be someone who helps someone else look forward to tomorrow’.

I’m always around for you to talk to, you can get hold of me via:

Love, Kensa x

What I’ve been up to…

Ok so I think an update is due as it’s been quite a while now! Over Christmas, (well from mid November to New Years Eve), I was very unwell, it wasn’t nice, I lost all the weight I had worked so hard to gain and I nearly ended up in hospital. Although Christmas Day itself was absolutely wonderful, I knew I had a lot of work to do in the upcoming week to get myself back in good health!

I decided as well as curing myself I wanted to help cure other people. So from the beginning of January until March I vowed to do as much research as I could to try and find a cure, or at least some ways that help ease the daily struggle of Myalgic Encephalopathy (M.E). I named my mission ‘YOU & M.E’. In the beginning, I had no idea where to begin, I would start on one topic and end up somewhere completely different because the subject is just so vast. I finally narrowed everything down and I’m well on my way to gathering information and I’ve learnt so, so much.

I have felt absolutely great since early January, I haven’t felt so healthy in a long time. It’s takes hard work, patience and positivity but it has worked and I believe with more research the outcome could be really great. I have also gained back all the weight that I lost. I have been working with my psychologist to try out different different techniques. He was the one who introduced me to Juicing which I’ll come to later in the post. He’s taught me about pacing, anxiety, relapse prevention and more. I’ve been a total sponge and absorbed everything so I could do further research and then share it with other sufferers.

I have been practising mindfulness which I have found really helpful. ‘Why waste a gorgeous sunny day worrying about if it will rain tomorrow?’ It’s true, the past has been and cannot be changed, the future hasn’t happened yet, tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. The only moment we have is now. I have included the link to a great mindfulness app below.

Juicing. I’ve really taken to it! So far I’ve only juiced fruit as I’ve not yet researched vegetables. A few things I know is that Leafy Greens are a great source of Calcium and Magnesium, they’re also great energy boosters. Carrots juice well and an Apple or two will take the taste of Kale away from your juice. Below is a juice cleanse I did over the weekend.

•Apple and Raspberry
•Apple and Mango
•Apple and Pear
•Honeydew, Blueberries, Apple and Lime.
You can buy the bottles I’ve used here.
I felt really energised after my Juice Cleanse. It’s something I do regularly so I can get my vitamins and minerals easily. I use the VonShef which is one of the best out there, my Dad chose it after researching into them he found that juicers like the NutriBullet heat up the fruit as it juices which takes the vitamins and minerals away.

For now, my research continues, I have a fair way to go but it’s worth it. If anyone needs any help on anything from anxiety to managing stress to pacing to juicing then please send me an email. I am more than willing to help in anyway I can.

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