Onwards and (positively) upwards

‘You’ve got to take credit for how far you’ve come’.

Was what my Mum said to me on the journey back from seeing my psychologist today. I didn’t really know how to respond because without the support of my parents I don’t believe I could have done this. However, a person can advise, support and suggest but they can’t do the work for you. I think that’s what she meant.

I started seeing my psychologist back in December, although due to the relapse I was forced to postpone most of my appointments until January. As I’ve mentioned, I was at my worst, health wise, from mid November until the very end of December, it was a daily battle and I refused to be on medication or be reffered to hospital, so I quite literally fought for my life.

Today I sat in my usual orange chair whilst I watched my psychologist speedily writing what I was saying onto the whiteboard. We then moved on to what I had done over the past 8 weeks I had been seeing him. I sat there, confused, shocked and a little blown away by the amount of work I had done. He stood there, leaning on the filing cabinet, a proud smile across his face.

I had done it, I had actually won. I’m not stupid enough to think my condition has gone forever, I, like all sufferers have those symptoms that are always there and I fully expect to relapse, but I believe that with the knowledge I have accumulated over the past eight weeks that I can continue working towards cure and prevention.

I’ve spent the past month with my head buried in books or staring at website after website gathering information on what causes symptoms and how to prevent them, how to boost energy, general biology and so on. Of course a month isn’t a long time, but I believe if I keep working at the pace I am going at I should be able to widen my knowledge and prevent further relapses.

I was discharged from seeing my psychologist today. As well as learning from him, he learnt from me and we made a great team. He told me that I’m doing too well to benefit from the service anymore, which was absolutely amazing. However, he was interested in what I was doing regarding my website and we did decide to arrange a date further in the future so that we could discuss how I’m doing with my YOU&M.E mission as well as how I’m doing generally.

From now until April I’ll be moving from my blog to my website which I hope will be beneficial to those who need it, but I’ll still be around for you to contact if you’re in need of some advice. I’ll be including exercise plans, juice plans, pacing advice, help on dealing with anxiety, managing stress, etc if there’s anything you’d like me to include please send me an email.

Thanks for reading,
Love, Kensa

Instagram – Lovekensa
Twitter – Lovekensa
Email – Lovekensa@hotmail.co.uk


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