Benefit B-right range.

*Hands up* I’m sorry, I know I said I was blogging about this weeks months back, I have no excuses, I simply just didn’t get round to it!

Anyway, anyone that knows me will know how much I love Benefit, I adore every single product that I own from them. Two of my favourites being ‘They’re Real!’ & ‘Watt’s Up!’. I always change between skin care products and never really found one worth sticking with until I decided to give the Benefit ‘B RIGHT’ Range a go!

It is fantastic. ‘Refined Finish’ & ‘Foamingly Clean’ leave your face well cleansed and clean. ‘Triple Performing Facial Emulsion gives your face a lovely glow and hydrates your skin. ‘Moisture Prep’ gives your face a good base before applying ‘Total Moisture’ & ‘It’s Potent’. I can’t fault this range. It’s done my skin wonders and you can buy it here.

Make up remover. Three words that bring a few adjectives to mind…sore, soaked & substandard. Every remover causes my eyes to sting, I always have to soak a cotton pad as Benefit make up doesn’t shift, which is a good thing of course and it never seems to leave my face feeling cleansed and clean. However, after trying the Six Piece Range, I decided to give ‘Remove It’ a try, needless to say I won’t be using anything else, ever again. It doesn’t burn your eyes, you don’t need much at all and…IT WORKS!


Thanks for reading!
Love, Kensa x


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