A look at my favourite pieces

Before my birthday I went a bit crazy with online shopping. I thought I would do a post based on some of my new favourite items from; Asos, Office, Lavish Alice, Fashion Union, Zara & Monki.

I’m lucky enough to have a walk in wardrobe however when my Dad saw the extent of my clothing orders he took it upon himself to buy me a clothing rail to save me from drowning in my mountain of fabric. It’s pretty handy!

20140630-103254 am-37974599.jpg
I’ve done a range of casual and dressy looks, there isn’t really a theme to my clothes, I tend to just wear whatever I like!

20140630-104444 am-38684411.jpg
Seeing as we are mid way through Wimbledon I thought an all white look was appropriate! You can never go wrong with an all white look, just watch out for melting ice creams!
White Crop – Fashion Union
Mesh shorts – Zara
Bag – Monki

20140630-104727 am-38847763.jpg
I know it’s summer, but come on, I live in London, so buying a jumper in June isn’t entirely crazy! The beads on this crop are slightly annoying, I seem to keep finding black beads everywhere, however there are so many it doesn’t make the jumper look bad!
Jumper – ASOS
Shoes – ASOS

20140630-013449 pm-48889198.jpg
Who doesn’t love a pair of dungarees?! Although being me they always have to have a twist so when I saw these sunflower print beauties I had to have them!! They’re super comfortable too! WIN!!
Dungarees – ASOS
Turtleneck – ASOS
JuJu Jellies – Office
Sunglasses – Raybans

20140630-105952 am-39592679.jpg
I’m one of those girls that has a night out planned for ages but takes ages finding an outfit so I end up having a mad panic a few days before, so when I saw this dress, I snapped it up so I’m well prepared for a summer evening out!
Dress – Lavish Alice

20140630-110356 am-39836838.jpg My last favourite item would have to be this dress, it’s crazy!! I feel like people would be conscious that there were eyes on them! Or maybe that’s just how I would feel! Dress – Zara

20140630-111001 am-40201089.jpg

20140630-111000 am-40200796.jpg
Moving on to shoes, because it’s true, a girl can’t have enough!
From left to right:
JuJu Jellies – Office
Mint boots – ASOS
White flatforms – ASOS

So they’re my recent favourite picks, hopefully in the coming week I’ll get a few of them on for you to see!

Instagram – Lovekensa
Email – Lovekensa@hotmail.co.uk

Thanks for reading,
Love, Kensa x


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